Thursday, August 8, 2013

A little of this and a little of that

Lots of random odds and ends in this post.  I am trying to figure out my new smart phone so this is actually a whole bunch of updates all at once.  Me and tech are not exactly friends on stuff like this.  Funny how I could figure out shipping and listing tech super quickly at a previous job and be able to explain it to people that were completely computer illiterate but I can barely work a smart phone.  C'est la vie.

Reaper Bones

These are a few of the Bones I worked on about three weeks back.  All are for not me, most of which are for the eldest of my spawn.  I am basically using the names of how I painted them as I cannot be bothered to look up the Reaper names for everything.

Unicorn- This is for Eddie.  I was working on this a while back and then just got back into it to finish it.  Not great but not terrible.  I wanted to go away from the whole Unicorn=purity=white trope.  Eddie was happy with it.

Griffon #1- This was another mini for Eddie and a test run for Griffons. We had bets going daily on what the Olympus KS would reach, every win meant earning a point which could be redeemed for mini painting.  I have been informed that Griffons and anything remotely like a horse were going to be my gig for a good little while.  This is a fairly traditional color scheme but I think it came out fairly well.

Griffon #2- This was my attempt to work with really watered down Reaper paints.  I wanted to see if I could pull off a more pastel style look.  I dig where it went but some of it has worn off from handling.  It made my son super happy the first time he saw it.

Red Dragon- Another mini for the boy.  He has not received this one yet.  I still need to do some touch up.  I wanted to portray this as a darker mini, kind of sinister.  I see a lot of mistakes on this one but I think it will finish up fine.

Green Dragon- Or as he calls it, his new stinky dragon (long story).  This color scheme was fun to work on and really got me liking Reaper paints more and more.  I am for the first time happy with most of my progress on painting.  This one has also suffered from a little wear and tear.

Jabberwok-  This thing is fun but keeps falling over.  I may have to pin it.  This is another one that he has not received yet as he is spending a good bit of the summer with his mom .  This one certainly needs some work done on its base, I just don't know what I want to do yet.

Gamer kitty says "No more gibber-gabber about the Jabberwok!  Did you paint Basti?"  
Me "No."  
Gamer kitty "You're grounded!  Get on with the Wargods stuff!"

I have also started on several other dragons and dragon type creatures.  I plan to have one each of primary and secondary colors for the kid.  Some will be play with toys and others will be for display until he gets much older.  I have a corner hutch that my parents bought years ago around when I was born that I am going to try to get modified into a locking display case.  Passing something on that has been around for over 35 years and re-purposing it for him seems like a cool idea.

Wargods stuff and proxies for that purpose

Sebeki with shields- I finally got inspiration to work on them again.  These guys still need basing and a few detail touch ups.  I bought some sculpted swamp bases a while back but I cannot seem to find the 25mm ones.  I am sure they will turn up.  The Forge of Ice shields are super fun.  I really dig them and I cannot wait to paint up more of them.  I have two city dweller of Crocopolis units in the works using them as well.  I still need to glue the drums onto the musician as well.

"I said get on with the Wargods stuff, not 'show eight thousand pics of one unit.'  Stupid human."

Sebeki Harbinger- I am not sure he is done but he looks a ton better than he was.  He is ready to rock and certainly way past three colors.  He is suffering from that same "where are the bases?" issue.

Beloved of Sobek- I wanted this dude to look very simple but fairly mean and dirty.  I think he is there.  Fairly simple but effective.  I now have to figure out what to do when I want add Beloveds number 2 and 3 into the mix.  Stay will Croc and do reposing, go further afield, or some kind of combination?

Urian/Aethiopian hero-  I have become more and more fascinated with the Memnon part of the Troy legend so I am slowly working on a Memnon themed Ethiopian Hoplite style army for Wargods.  This is my first effort.  I am sure there are some touch ups needed but I think the idea has legs.  I have another one planned that will replace the sword with as spear and a slight arm reposing.

To Tanem Slinger- I got this as a throw in a while back. I kind of wanted to see what I could do with it and whether or not I could come up with an idea for painting To Tanem that would look decent and that I would like.  I think I got there.  I still have a ways to go and I have no idea on how to base this dude due to not even knowing what I would run for an army with these dudes.  I know that I will likely hold off on buying To Tanem until the slingers are in full production.  I know they will not be super effective but stone men throwing stones is just too fun to pass up, by a country mile.

"Really daddy?  Test minis?  Really?!? The hubris of stupid humans.  Where is my wet food?"

Not even close to done but progress made Wargods

Mycenaeans- These dudes are nowhere near done but I am liking where they are going.  The plan is all of the cloth will be white, grey, and/or black and then the armor will be various metalic colors that don't necessarily match.  I want them to look very plain and slightly chaotic, playing off of that notion of "my great grandfather wore this armor and his dad carried this sword" vibe as much as possible.  I think they are getting there but this was also an effort in working on something else just to get ideas flowing again.


Sebeki Chariot #1- This bad boy needs a ton more work but it is starting to come together.  We will see what I think of it when it is done before I even touch the other two for this unit.  

Sebeki conversion- This is a swap out bringing sharp two handed weapons to the unit instead of the mallets.  The hero for this unit will eventually be the the LE Sebeki hero that was made available during the KS.  The model that is normally the musician will be the standard bearer.  No paint or even primer yet and one dude needs half a sword as it keeps falling off.

Gamer kitty says "Foam is for cats, not minis, let's be for real people!"

Javelinmen of Hierakonpolis-Another bit of work for Eddie.  These disappeared for a while and recently came back out from their hideyhole.  The idea was a Javelin/Skirmisher unit for the Heru.  It seemed like it would be fun to try.  A lot of arm reposing and weapon snipping so it was not terribly complicated,.  The shields and some of the javelins are Wargames Factory parts (shields from Persian Infantry sprues, the javelins were from the Amazons, I think?).  The other javelins including all of the ones in containers/quivers (what is the term for that when it is javelins?) are from the Croc javelin sprue.  Basically I just want to see more themed City Dwellers for armies so I have started making gifts out of conversions of this kind of stuff.  The Musician is MIA but I am sure will turn up again.  

I am sure there is more stuff I am forgetting.  The next couple of things are the traditional Sebeki with mallets and the two hand weapon Sebeki unit.  Then I may move back to the Mycenaean stuff, the Anubi, or the City Dwellers of Crocodopolis.  It all depends on what strikes my fancy.  I may also test run a couple of Aethiopian line troops to see what works before we see the generic hoplites that Osiris was talking about on the Croc board a while back.  I might get more painting done now that I have given up online gaming now.  I needed a break from that, more time away from the comp to tend to the kids, work on stuff both trivial and important, and to just give my eyes a damn rest.  I am hoping it will be a wise choice.

 And Gamer Kitty says "speak no evil." So I guess I have to be nice this time.  So long ya'll