Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sebeki insanity

So this is my Sebeki Army so far.  I have two units of Sebeki, one standard kit out and one that has hand weapons and Alex Bates' cool turtle shields.  I made a unit of Chariots but instead of going long I went wide so I need to get special sized bases made, Litko here I come.  There is also a third unit of Sebeki for the Chariots, and their musician is being held aside for another unit later.

Sebeki Army

Harbinger-this dude needs a ton of work.  I really dig him though so far.  It is such a cool model.  It is stuff like this that makes me love the Croc.


Unit with Double Handed Weapons and limited edition Hero attached- These guys need a lot of work and will get one more mini added to them when I start up the conversions for the final unit.  Sorry for the poor quality of the pic they seem camera shy.

Sebeki Double Handed Weapons

Unit with Hand Weapons and Large Sheilds with attached Hero- These guys are suffering mostly in the need for detail work and basing.  I like the look of the unit so far but I know I could have done better.  These shields are super cool.  They are from Forge of Ice.,6610.0.html Most of the shields are not attached to make for easier painting.  The shield for the hero is three small turtle shields attached to a cobbled together wooden popsicle stick shield.  The one dude that has not been primed needs some green stuff work on his weapon.

Sebeki w/Hand Weapons & Shields

Sebeki w/Shields 

Sebeki w/Shields

Chariot unit with the Harbinger riding point- I have not put together the horses I am going to use yet.  I am sorry for the poor picture quality, for some reason these things seem camera shy.  Maybe once I get more paint on them they will be better.   They are mostly made from Wargames Factory Celtic Chariots with some of their Persian wicker shields used as the floorboard on two of the chariots with some GW modular movement trays and metal rods used to strengthen them.  






Characters- So here we have an Asar Priest of Sobek, the Sebeki MoW, Unit Captains, the Harbinger, Heroes, the Beloved of Sobek, and the Crocogamer.  All of them need detail work and basing.  Many of them need more than that.  The Crocogamer will eventually be the quartermaster for the army.  Not that that means anything in Wargods but hey fluff matters.



This Asar Spearmen that is barely started.  They need armor, Javelins have been added, and I am using the Forge of Ice shields here as well.  This unit cannot grow too large as the Javelins are part of the point here.  I have some Basti to ally with the Sebeki and the City Dwellers of Crocodopolis but I wanted a unit of Asar that covered a big hole in the army from jump.  I also get to play with a cool kit to make the armor for them so I am happy.  I have only made part of one skirt with that kit so far, more on that later.
Asar Spearmen w/Priest of Sobek

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  1. Cool idea for the chariots, they will look fearsome once complete!